About Us

Welcome to the Cre8tive Studies Online Store!

Cre8tive Studies has been facilitating study skills workshops for school learners for over a decade. We have found there is such a great need for learners to understand how their brains work, how to actively use both hemispheres, manage and plan their time for tests/exams/homework, improve their concentration, memory and ability to recall information. The Study Skills online course is now available to equip learners with the skills they need to learn and remember more effectively.

Benefits of the Study Skills Programme

Learn to use both sides of your brain more effectively

Understand what your learning preferences are

Learn to plan effectively for tests/exams and manage your anxiety

Cre8tive Studies Natural Sciences0020
Cre8tive Studies Natural Sciences0031

Mind maps for every topic in your text book

  • Based on South African school syllabus (CAPS)
  • Covers the whole years work
  • Currently offered for Grade 4-9
  • Natural Science mind maps for every topic
  • Social Science mind maps for every topic
  • Videos will be coming soon to help learners complete the mind maps

View our list of study resources. We have a number of local pick up points or we can send them to your closest Postnet Store.